Apr 2, 2010

Martha vs. Hilary on eggs

Do I dare say it? I will. I love Martha Stewart. Not her. She is one tough cookie (perfectly baked of course.) But I mean seriously, she is a genius. She has so many little folks perfecting baking and craft and myriad other ideas and she gets all the credit. That is not why she is a genius though. The fact is, she has probably completed 90% of all the crafts that are posted on her website/blog. I mean all of her ideas are amazing. Seriously. They look gorgeous at the end and they are brilliantly photographed. What I find hysterical (and absurd) are some of the tools you need to complete these projects. Now, I realize I come from the everything has 100 uses (especially your teeth), but Martha has a tool for every specific part of every craft. FOR EXAMPLE:

These glitter eggs look awesome. And, it seems relatively simple to put glue even double sided tape on the eggs and then roll it in glitter. BUT check out the tape she uses: "FLORA" WTF is that? Then the egg situation: "Martha used pheasant eggs" REALLY MARTHA? Then check out the tool situation: "canned air"? WHAT? How about just pucker up and blow. WTF is canned air? It sure doesn't sound green to buy a can of air. How about blow the freaking glitter off with your own canned air from your lungs?

ANyhoo, that is where things become complicated. People take themselves too seriously and why we end up with egg envy, jealousy of other's baskets, and we are made to feel we can't do it as well. SO, forget it all. Boil the eggs dip 'em in dye and hide them. We are all getting candy on Sunday anyway...

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