Apr 4, 2010


WELL, here is where we ended up:

ALL KINDS O' crafty eggs:
dyed eggs,
glitter eggs,
chicken eggs...

To summarize, I sure could have used a can of air or two. NO JOKE. As usual, Martha was right on with that can of air. And she would love to say, "I told you so". And I would nod in shame. BOY would canned air have been helpful with the glitter on the eggs. Okay, part of my issue was that my blowing muscles were still smarting from the pin in egg blow out process. FAMILIAR? For those who are not: put a pin in both ends of the egg to make a hole, put your mouth over the top of the egg and blow the crap out of your lungs and the egg. This is so your eggs will be empty and last longer as decoration than the boiled egg.

My cheeks were especially tender after blowing out 26 eggs. THAT is a nightmare process. After my third gagging fit I gave up. I couldn't take it. It takes a strong stomach to watch raw egg come shooting out of the bottom of an egg. It takes an even stronger one to watch the yolk bust through. It was a little much. But, look at the photo and it all becomes worth it. (honestly I just re-read that and I am 90% in agreement with that statement.)

Anyhoo, back to the can of air. It would have helped. BUT, the glitter eggs are still fabulous. Next year I will be going aerosol for Easter... we Jews have a lot to learn, and we learn from our mistakes. Next year I will NOT be caught without canned air.

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